When you join our CSA you are choosing to invest in our farm at a time when we most need support. You pay up front for a share of
vegetables, delivered weekly (or bi weekly) to your chosen pick up site, and we use these funds to order the supplies we need to grow
your food.

You are also committing yourself to eating healthy, local, organic food for a whole season. We think that makes you pretty fantastic!
We will do our best to help you get the most out of your membership through newsletters, recipes and lots of opportunities to chat with
us, your farmers!

How does it work?

Our 2018 CSA will run for 18 weeks from the week of June 4th to the week of October 1st. Each week we will assemble your harvest
box and deliver it to your selected pick-up location. The box will be packed with a balanced assortment of salad greens, cooking
greens, root crops, fruiting vegetables, and culinary herbs. If there is something in your box you don’t like, you can swap it for
an item of similar value.

We offer three share sizes, each are available weekly (18 weeks) or biweekly (9 weeks). Biweekly shares are a good idea for those
that go away a lot, or those that do not go through their vegetables very quickly.

Want to learn more?  Click on the CSA Brochure link here for full details. 

Ready to sign up?  Print off a paper application here or fill in the electronic form below.

5 thoughts on “CSA”

  1. Hello Firmly Rooted! I sent my CSA form twice….sorry! I meant to send it once only, and to pay in full by cheque. I need only ONE weekly share (8 points). Many thanks, M. Brown

  2. I am surprised that eggplant, celeriac and salad turnips are on the low list. I hope you will still have some of these 🙂

    1. I too was very surprised! We will still be growing a large volume of eggplant and will have the turnips weekly. You’ll be more then welcome to swap something for either of those if you’d like to see them frequently.
      We did decide to cut celeriac as it has never performed all that well for us it was so highly disliked!

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