food we grow

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At Firmly Rooted we use organic methods to produce 30+ kinds of vegetables, herbs and flowers.  We grow food that we love so we are always excited to share recipes and ideas. Below are some of the crops we grow:

food we grow
leaves roots stems fruits herbs & flowers
arugula beets celery beans basil
asian greens carrots & potatoes garlic scapes cucumbers cilantro
cabbage celeriac green onion eggplant dill
chard garlic brussel sprouts peas parsley
collards onion broccoli summer squash sweet william
kale radish bok choi cherry tomatoes nasturtium
lettuce winter radish kholrabi heirloom tomatoes snapdragon
salad mix parsnips leeks winter squash sunflower
spinach salad turnip peppers & melons zinnia




  1. Jess Gulyas says:

    Looks amazing! I love the simple way you listed the veggies – people do need to know what part of the plant they are eating! Ground cherries,,, mmmmmmmmm,,, Great website – I am excited to follow the first season on your farm!

    • firmlyrooted says:

      Thanks Jessie! It took me a while to decide how to list our crops. I’m pretty excited about the ground cherries myself; I have Burkhard’s growing enough seedlings for a 100′ bed! Good luck in Prince Edward County; keep us posted on how things go for you.

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