how our CSA works

Our summer CSA will run for 18 weeks from June 13th– October 10th.  Each week we will assemble your harvest box and deliver it to your pick-up location. The box will be packed with a balanced assortment of seasonal vegetables, all from our farm.   

We offer three share sizes, each are available weekly (18 weeks), or biweekly (9 weeks).

Regular: $435 Weekly share, $220 Bi Weekly share.  $25 value/ week, 6-8 items

Medium: Weekly share $620, Bi Weekly share $310.  $36 value/ week, 10-12 items

Large Share: Weekly share $800, Bi weekly share $400.  $48 value/ week, 14-16 items

Would you like extra greens?

Best. Greens. Ever.

CSA Member

Our members really love our greens and often buy extra. Each regular share comes with 1 green, medium and large shares come with 2. 

You can add extra greens to your share to save yourself worrying about ordering, us selling out, or needing to bring cash.  Sign up for extra greens on our CSA application form.

What does a share look like?

  Spring (Jun- Jul)   Summer (Jul- Aug)   Fall (Sept – Oct)
Arugula Signature Mix Spinach
Head lettuce Sweet onion Cauliflower
Broccoli Bell Peppers Cooking onion
Bunched Carrots Beans Sweet potatoes
Green onion Cucumbers Parsnips
Snap peas Beefsteak tomatoes Winter squash
Radish Zucchini Garlic
Garlic scapes Mini Watermelon Beets

Share Pick Up Locations

Clinton Thursdays • Clinton, Clinton Veterinary Services,
early evening (5:00 – 5:30)
Bayfield Fridays • Bayfield, Bayfield Farmers Market
Clan Gregor Square (3:00 – 7:00)
Belgrave Thursday- Sunday • On farm, at your convenience
Blyth Thursdays • Blyth, Downtown, TBD, late afternoon
(4:30 – 6:00)
Goderich Saturdays • Goderich, Goderich Farmers Market
on the Square (8:00 – 12:00)

Do you want to help us get our vegetables to those in need?

Each Monday during the growing season, the Huron County food bank truck arrives at the farm and pick’s up our leftover veggies.  We feel great about sharing the harvest but want to do better.  We’d like you to help.  Please consider making a donation to our “shares for the food bank program”.  Even a small donation, when made by many people, will add up to a lot of vegetables, especially because we will match all donations made.

Here’s how it works: we’ll add up your donations, double them (our contribution), then divide the total by the number of weeks the shares run (18): this will tell us our weekly contribution.  Each week we’ll choose an assortment of popular and user-friendly vegetables to make up the value of our “shares for the foodbank” weekly contribution.   Include your donation on our CSA application form.