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about our farm

A July morning’s harvest

We are a small scale (some might say tiny) farm located in the Heart of Huron County between Clinton and Bayfield.

Growing on two acres of land we use organic methods to produce healthy, delicious and beautiful vegetables, herbs and flowers.  Some of our main crops include specialty greens, heirloom tomatoes and root vegetables.

how we grow

The majority of our farm work relies on our hands and hand tools.  We seed with Jang and Earthway push seeders, transplant by hand, weed with hoes and wheelhoes, and harvest by hand.  We have a BSC walking tractor that we use for cultivation and mowing.

We focus on building healthy soil and use a lot of compost and cover crops to accomplish this.  Plants grown in healthy soils taste great, grow quickly and are better able to handle disease and insect pressure.  Aside from soil building, we keep pests under control by following a careful crop rotation, and using physical barriers like row cover.  We’re not above hand picking and squishing bugs when needed!

We harvest our vegetables as close to selling them as possible and make sure that greens and other sensitive crops are out of the field and into the cooler early in the day.  By doing this our veggies are always fresh when you buy them and have great shelf life in your fridge.

4 thoughts on “our farm”

  1. I am looking for golden beets. A friend recommended you but I can’t find your days/hours at the farm. I would like to purchase the beets asap and can’t wait for the market on Saturday.

    1. Hi Patricia, we are bringing a great deal of garlic to the farmers market these days and would be happy to sell in bulk quantities. After that you just need to keep it cool and dry to store over winter.

  2. I am pleased to recommend and promote your farm
    on my social media channels.
    Keep up your great work. #breakthrunow #bayfieldconcierge

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