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Question: If you won a million dollars what would you do with your life?

“We’d grow a lot of food.”

Tamara McMullen

Tamara in our fields

I am an unashamed plant geek.  I love flowers, I love leaves and I love Latin names.  I’ve spent much of my life learning about plants: how they grow and how to design with them.  I spent my childhood playing in the woods and my teenage years working at a garden centre.  I studied Landscape Architecture at the University of Guelph and practiced in the field when I graduated.

It took me two years of landscape architectural practice to realize that I did not want to work in an office; I wanted to get my hands into the soil and grow food.  Food has always been important to me.  For my whole life my family has come together around food and so embedded in all of my favorite family memories is the smell and taste of the meal we shared.

Farming is my perfect landscape architectural pursuit.  It is design and planning using my very favorite palette: food plants.  The completion of a full season internship at Everdale Organic Farm in 2012 introduced me to the skills I will need to be a successful market gardener and confirmed that what I want to do in my life is live it simply, with Brian, growing good food for good people and telling the story of that food.

My work experience as an Executive assistant will help me to manage our finances, write grant/ bursary applications, and keep things organized.  My work as a Community Relations Coordinator gives me the foundation to start to build a website, network in the community, and to develop materials that will help us market our business.

Brian Wiley

Brian the happy hoer
Brian the happy hoer

I grew up on the land that we farm.  I spent my childhood outdoors with limited access to electronics, developing a fondness of the natural world and a keen sense of curiosity and creativity.  I continued to pursue outdoor projects and worked with my hands throughout high school and University, gaining practical skills through landscaping work and theoretical knowledge through my studies in landscape architecture.

It was at the University of Guelph that my eyes were opened to the many issues and opportunities in the world.  I began to develop a passion for homesteading and a desire for a self sufficient lifestyle.  This eventually led to my interest in farming as a profession that presented the best way to meet my newly developed life goals while simultaneously addressing many of the issues in the world I had learned about.  I moved back to where I had grown up and built a sustainable home on wheels.  I now live in this home, on the land I grew up in and have begun planning my farming future with my sweetheart who shares my dreams.

Jack Wiley

Baby Jack joined us in August of 2014.

He is a big fan of dirt and of food and he is a joy to have with us on the farm.

You’ll see him at market and we hope you’ll enjoy watching him grow up as part of our farm family.

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  1. Hi, Tamara and Brian. Cathy (also a Guelph grad) and I are seasonal cottagers in Bayfield and just encountered you at today’s Bayfield Farmers Market. Then we came home and checked out your lovely website. Then we ate the fresh greens we bought today. Wow! 3-D high-def fantastic greens! We spend the rest of the year in the San Francisco area, so we’re spoiled for fresh food and mourn its absence when we get to Bayfield. But no more! We are really excited to have learned about Firmly Rooted, and are deeply impressed by the sentiments about living and the land expressed on your website. We wish you the best of luck living out your ideals and making yourselves happy. We’ll be seeing you at the Bayfield Farmers Market. Hope you’ll be there every Friday! We feel lucky to have you in the Bayfield area.

    1. Hi Bill and Cathy,
      Thank you so much for your lovely comments! We are really enjoying the Bayfield market and the enthusiasm for fresh healthy veggies and our farm ideals. You will certainly see us there every week, we are looking forward to it! See you again soon.

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