Hey Veggie Lovers, guess what!

It’s time to sign up for our 2021 CSA and you can register here. Not sure if it’s right for you? Find out here

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    1. Thanks David! We are selling through Farmers’ markets, restaurants and through a small C.S.A. (like a pre pay box program). Hope you are enjoying Golder!

  1. Oh my goodness, I just read through your entire website after we got back with a flyer from the Exeter Farmer’s Market. You guys are lovely. <3

    1. Thank you so much! We really appreciate the support and interest. Hope to see you again at market.

  2. Hi,. I buy your red beets all the time and they are delicious. Recently I purchased a bag from Shanahan’s on the Square and cooked them as usual, they would not soften as they usually do not matter how long they cooked? They were off in Taste and not edible. I have not had this experience with them before? Would it be that they are the end of season? Thank you

    1. Hi Debbie,
      I’m so sorry you had a bad experience with some of our beets. I’ve never heard of this happening and can’t imagine what could have caused it. Beets should store for duration of winter so I don’t think its related to age.
      Please come see us at any of our markets and we would be happy to refund you for the price of the beets. My apologies again.

  3. Tamara and Brian,
    I wanted to post regarding my great satisfaction and pleasure eating the “fruits” of your organic farm. There should be more farming like this in Ontario and Canada … soon to be my feedback to our provincial and federal governments. We should become more self sufficient and self sustainable with less use of chemicals! Your produce is delicious and your customer service excellent!
    I was very happy to have found you this past summer … after recently moving to Exeter and not liking what is available locally here. I am not happy to see all the chemicals used in this farming area of Ontario (as well in the rest of Ontario, Canada, and the world), and the ill effects on our environment and lands.
    It is nice to get organic throughout the year. Getting what I am getting now in the ends of winter are great and delicious. I had enough from my winter shares to do me to now when you are again having greens available to your “share” customers. I love the Rainbow and Daikon radishes! … as well as most of your produce!
    May you always provide the customer service that you do now, and not get engulfed in the “corporate culture” of diminishing quantity, quality, and customer service as you continue to progress your business.
    You must feel great satisfaction with the progress of your farm from where it started.
    Wishing you continued success, health and happiness with your growing family.
    Dorothy (and Tatum – soon to be SJA therapy Siberian Husky – once COVID gets under control)

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