glorious garlic

We love garlic and use it in everything, quite often far too much (but really, can you ever have too much garlic?)  This is why it was so exciting when we planted 50 pounds of garlic last fall.  It was our first farming act on our own farm.  The evening before planting we put on a movie and “popped cloves”, separating the bulbs and selecting only the firm, vigorous cloves to plant, saving the rest to eat.  We planted 1,200 row feet of garlic.  It only took a few hours then we had all winter to wait and see how they would do.  Then this spring, as the snow melted we began to see our garlic plants, bright, verdant green, poking through the dark wet soil.

In early summer we’ll enjoy garlic scapes, the delicious, relatively mild, crazily spiraled flower stalks of the garlic plant.  A few months later, in mid-summer, comes the main event.  Glorious garlic bulbs ready to pull, cure and enjoy.  We’ll let you know when they are ready!

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