transplanting joy

I love transplanting. There is very little as joyful as tucking baby plants into the ground; it is such instant satisfaction.  Dig a hole in the soft soil, cradle a tiny, beautiful seedling in your fingers and place it into its new home.  I often whisper, “grow well little one”, and they do, quickly, and vigorously.  They become everything I hoped them to be.

We’ve harvested from first transplants now- glorious kale, beautiful rainbow chard, awesome head lettuce.  We planted our tomatoes, peppers and ground cherries not long ago.  I must admit even greater excitements for their development and ripening.  Tomatoes are my favorite of the many crops we’ll be growing this season.

So here’s to transplants, to immediate gratification in a profession that requires great patience, to sun ripened tomatoes, and to holding plant life in the palms of our hands before transferring their care to Mother Nature.  Cheers.

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