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The Firmly Rooted Story

photo of young farmers tamara and brian

A Purposeful Life

Tamara and Brian meet at the University of Guelph while studying Landscape Architecture. Both have a fascination with the outdoors, plants, gardening, homesteading and living a purposeful, simple and healthy life.
photo of young farmers tamara and brian

Everdale Organic Farm and Learning Centre

Brian and Tamara volunteer at Everdale Organic Farm and love it! They decide to complete the 9 month internship program and live in their tiny house on the farm. They meet amazing small-scale farmers who are making a living farming and running their own farm businesses. Despite always being told that it’s impossible to make a profit farming, Brian and Tamara are inspired by the successful examples of the farmers they meet and make the decision to start their own farm.

Firmly Rooted Begins

Tamara and Brian move their tiny house onto Brian’s parents farm, outside of Clinton Ontario. 2 farmers, 2 cats, 200 square feet, growing on 2 acres. Firmly Rooted Farm is born.
photo of fresh carrots

First Farmers Market

Brian and Tamara sell out in 2 hours at their first market, where they had a little table with chives, baby greens and flowers. The community was so excited and welcomed the young farmers and it became clear there was a demand for fresh, sustainable and local foods. The first CSA launches this year with 15 members.
photo of fresh carrots
photo of vegetables growing

Growing and Growing

Firmly Rooted focuses on growing baby greens and each year, scaled up, little by little. There was more and more demand from restaurants, suppliers and customers at the markets and Firmly Rooted expanded to meet that demand. Jack joins the farm on August 17th, 2014.
photo of vegetables growing
photo of Tamara in Firmly Rooted Fields

The Search for the Farm

As demand grew, Brian and Tamara started searching for their own farm and after a year, they discovered their forever farm, located outside of Belgrave, Ontario. The 7 acres of farmland and the house was a beautiful property that became their home. Brian, Tamara and Jack move to the new property and start designing their ideal farm business.
photo of Tamara in Firmly Rooted Fields

Focus on Soil and Biodiversity Planting

Quickly after purchasing the farm, the couple starts putting up infrastructure, greenhouses, and tunnels and build a wash/packhouse dedicated to food safety. Focusing on soil regeneration, biodiversity, planting native shrubs and wildflowers, Firmly Rooted is transformed into a four-season farm that grows all year round, even throughout the Huron County winters. On October 19th, 2020, Ruby joins the family.

Health, Happiness and Community

Firmly Rooted produces quality organic vegetables that you can proudly bring to your table. Brian and Tamara farm for their community and they are dedicated to providing high-quality foods that are grown in sustainable ways that respect that nature knows more than we do. Firmly Rooted also sells seedlings and plants that you can plant in your garden. Join the newsletter for first access. The farm share program now feeds over 200 families in the area.

Certification Challenges

The first week of August 2021, Tamara and Brian received devastating news that their farm was contaminated by a neighbouring farm that sprayed insecticide. This contamination caused Brian and Tamara to lose their certification as an organic farm.

Here is the message they shared with their customers and community: "Brian and I are devastated, and in mourning. We are heartbroken over the potential damage to our business and our certification, and we feel sick because we promised all of you that we would grow healthy certified organic vegetables for your bodies and your families. We are also deeply sad about any damage there may have been to the ecosystem of our farm. Of all of the challenges we’ve faced over the years this is taking the biggest toll."

Despite this setback, Firmly Rooted continues to operate using small scale, sustainable farming practices. Brian, Tamara and the team are committed to producing high, quality food that nourishes Huron County and that is grown with love.

Dreams and the Future

Both Brian and Tamara are excited by what’s to come. Visions of sharing knowledge on growing practices, fermentation, preservation and homesteading are percolating and developing. Passion for sharing a love of the outdoors, sustainable eating, a deep connection to family, friends and community continue to drive Tamara and Brian’s vision of the farm. Stay tuned!
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