Lettuce Rejoice!

On the Farm: To Till or Not to Till The seedling sale inventory has been updated with lots of new plants, you can place your order here: https://www.harvie.farm/farm/firmly-rooted-farm/shop Hello All, You may be interested to learn that the leek moth pheromone traps have attracted some leek moths! Bittersweet news, but we are not caught off […]

transplanting joy

I love transplanting. There is very little as joyful as tucking baby plants into the ground; it is such instant satisfaction.  Dig a hole in the soft soil, cradle a tiny, beautiful seedling in your fingers and place it into its new home.  I often whisper, “grow well little one”, and they do, quickly, and […]

glorious garlic

We love garlic and use it in everything, quite often far too much (but really, can you ever have too much garlic?)  This is why it was so exciting when we planted 50 pounds of garlic last fall.  It was our first farming act on our own farm.  The evening before planting we put on […]

first planting 2013!

On Saturday April 6th we took a chance and planted our first few beds.  Looking at weather reports we could see rain coming soon and staying for some time.  We only had a small window to put seeds in the ground, so we took it.  Though the soil was dry our clay heavy ground was […]

hello, Huron!

We are Brian Wiley and Tamara McMullen, a young couple with big dreams of living a tiny life on the farm we are building together.  We are starting our farm this spring growing on just over one acre of land.  We will be producing 30+ kinds of organically grown vegetables, flowers and herbs.  We have […]