customizable csa shares through “harvie”

Harvie is a software platform that helps CSA farmers meet their customers’ needs through a customizable farm share program. When you sign up for a Firmly Rooted CSA Share, you will do so under our personal sign up page through the Harvie website here:

​Each week’s share will be based on your preferences. For example: don’t like kohlrabi? You will never get it in your share! And each week you can further customize your share, order extras if you like, or schedule vacations.

​Harvie gives you more choice and flexibility while still supporting local, seasonal farmers!

What You Can Expect

  1. Once you sign up, you’ll get to set preferences to all the products we offer. This tells the algorithm what to give you every week. Don’t worry, you can change these at anytime!
  2. Prior to your delivery you’ll receive the “It’s Time to Customize Your Share” email.  You’ll have a window of time to make swaps, place a hold or reschedule your share, or purchase extras. If your share looks good you don’t have to do anything, just pick up as usual. 
  3. Pick up your fully customized share!  

Built in features

Flexible Payment Plans

Tired of remembering to make payments or can’t pay in full? Choose the payment plan at check out and your card will be charged automatically each time your share is delivered. 

Vacation Holds

Vacation planned? Need to change your pick up location? No problem. You can easily reschedule your share or change pick up locations to accommodate your busy life, so no more missing out on those veggies you paid for.

Recipe Suggestions

Fridge full of food but nothing for dinner? We’ve got you covered. Harvie is working hard to provide you with recipe suggestions, cooking tips, storage, and food prep resources so you won’t be scrambling to get dinner on the table. 

Outstanding Customer Support

Have questions? We have solutions! Harvie is providing you with customer service folks who are on standby to help you with any questions you have.