being firmly rooted

“But in living and working together, finding the way back to nature, they are the model of the “new farmer.” They understand that to become firmly rooted means to live from the yields of their own land. A community that cannot manage to produce its own food will not last long.”

One Straw Revolution, Masanobu Fukoka
Our son Jack, enjoying the yields from our land.

To us being firmly rooted is working to live from the yields of our land and helping our neighbors to do the same.  It is about focusing on the basics in life like food, family, relationships and other things that contribute to holistic health.

Exploring ways of being more self sufficient can help us to become firmly rooted.  We can grow food, or buy it locally from members of our community.  We can compost or save seed.  We can preserve summer’s bounty, bake bread or make cheese.  We can take our health into our own hands and live a simpler, smaller lifestyle.  We can take great pleasure in doing all of these things, and we can share our joy and our knowledge with those around us.

Becoming firmly rooted is a journey, it is one we are taking and we hope you will join us.

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