what is CSA?

Early summer CSA share

CSA means Community Supported Agriculture.

What it means to me is that I, the farmer, am in a relationship with my members. My members buy a farm share at the beginning of the season, supporting me to run my farm in a sustainable way. In turn, I commit to providing them with healthy, delicious fresh food with a story. I tell them the story of our food, and our farm, throughout each season so they can know best how to enjoy our vegetables, how to limit waste, and how to feel empowered in the journey of healthy eating.

CSA is about connection. I love getting to know our members and feel honored that I get to help feed their bodies and their families. My members tell me that they love their window into the farm, and the VIP view they get from seed to table. Of course, they also LOVE the vegetables.

Here’s what one of our members had to say about our CSA:

The best tasting, freshest and most convenient way to source local veggies. They diversity and quality of Firmly Rooted makes their produce stand out, but it’s their individual care and dedication to growing delicious, healthy food that makes eating well- and in season- such a joy.

CSA Member