our tiny home

our tiny home

When we started our farming journey we lived in a tiny home. We bought our own property in 2017 and now will in a smallish 130 year old farm house. The tiny house was perfect beginning.

Our tiny home on wheels housed 2 farmers, and 2 cats in 200 square feet.  We built it with the help of a local contractor in the fall of 2011 and lived in it from February 2012 through August 2017. 

In April of 2012 we took it with us to our internship at Everdale Organic Farm and Environmental Learning Centre, then that November we brought it home to Brian’s parents property in Clinton, Ontario.

The tiny house offered all the comforts of a not so tiny home.  Our queen size bed was in a loft, 7’ above the main floor.  We used a ladder to get into bed.  We had plumbing for our shower and sink. We carried our water for a time, until digging in a frost free hydrant we could hook up to.  We heated with propane and wood, and powered our lights and appliances in part with a windmill and solar panels.  We even had internet.

Our tiny house was more than a roof over our heads.  It helped us to dream big but live tiny.  With our home on wheels and the generosity of Brian’s parents, we started our farm without buying land so we could invest our savings into farm equipment and materials instead of going into major dept for a traditional home.

And, we were able to move it to our new farm to provide short term housing to others.

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